About Me

SX-70 Polaroid Emulsion LiftPresented in 6x6{quote} resin block
Dear John Doe, Untitled, Feb 2019

SX-70 Polaroid Emulsion Lift 

Presented in 6x6" resin block 

Ronni Mae Knepp is an American Fine Art Photographer that specializes in black and white postmodern photography. Ronni originally majored in Communications when she was in the military and continued to pursue other technical majors before she came back to her love of photography in 2010. She completed her undergraduate degrees in Photography through Academy of Art University in 2015 and 2016.  

Ronni is currently a candidate for her Masters of Fine Arts in Fine Art Photography and will graduate in 2019. Her work utilizes environmental and self-portraiture to illicit emotionally charged memories from herself and her viewers. Many of her current projects illustrate the emotional and mental impact of sexual trauma on the psyche. Her thesis, Dear John Doe, confronts her own rapist while also giving voice to the many untold or forgotten stories of rape survivors.  

Ronni hopes to help build awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as women’s rights through her photography. Her future goals include teaching at the collegiate level while also working as a Fine Art Photographer.  

Ronni currently resides with her husband and kids in Texas.